Easy MOT & servicing plan

Get your car through its MOT in just a couple of hours without worrying about being over charged.

Authorised parts used

Guaranteed repairs

Competitive servicing


Certified MOT

Your car will have an over-200-point certified MOT checked by expert technicians in under 2 hours.

  • General MOT Checks
  • Brakes & emissions
  • Pass or fail summary

or call 01843 838 392


Needed Repairs

If needed we will carry out any necessary small repairs with your permission and book in any that may take longer.

  • Discuss needed repairs
  • Carry out repairs
  • Re-test & pass MOT

or call 01843 838 392


Competitive Servicing

We will carry out the level of servicing you require using authorised parts direct from your car’s manufacturer when requested.

  • Check required service level
  • Replace service parts
  • Road tested & hand-back

or call 01843 838 392

Get your car MOT’d and serviced in a few hours without worrying about overpaying.

or call 01843 838 392

MOT & Servicing frequently asked questions

No documentation is required. All the tester needs is the vehicle registration and chassis VIN number; both of these can be found on the vehicle.

An MOT usually takes around 1 hour.

Before any repair work is carried out, we will contact you to discuss any work that is required.

A service can take anywhere from 1 hour to over 3, depending on your vehicle.

We normally use high-quality after-market components. However, original equipment parts can be used on request.

You don’t have to go to a main dealer. So long as the service is carried out according the manufacturer’s specifications, you will maintain your warranty.

We do offer a local collection service.

We will valet your vehicle after a service has been completed.

Our premises is fully insured and our technicians are fully trained with plenty of experience to make sure your vehicle receives the care it deserves.

Need more answers? Call us on 01843 838 392 or send us a message.

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